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Technical Documents

AMNET Workshop: Health Analysis and Decision-Making, with Special Emphasis on Chronic Noncommunicable Disease (San Salvador, El Salvador, 12–15 November 2008)
This mini-workshop--a joint activity of the CARMEN Policy and the CARMEN School, held at America's Network for Chronic Disease Surveillance (AMNET)--was an introduction to the issue of public policies and decision-making with emphasis on health, within the context of surveillance, prevention, control of chronic noncommunicable diseases (CNCDs). This page offers a summary in English and access to conference documentation in Spanish (plus a link to an earlier such course with documentation in English). (15/Nov/2008)
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10th International Course on Physical Activity and Public Health: Move for Health (2nd Course of the CARMEN School in Guatemala, Antigua, 13-16 November 2007)
This course provided training for national and community public health professionals in Guatemala on the topic of physical activity and health.(16/Nov/2007)
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Fourth Technical Conference on the Principles and Practice of Chronic Disease Surveillance (Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico, 9–12 November 2007)
Activity of the Americas' Network for Chronic Disease Surveillance (AMNET): The main thrust of this meeting was capacity-building in a university environment. Various training modules, workshops, and discussion groups were held, all on various areas of CNCD surveillance. This page provides a summary and access to the conference flyer, as well as a link to AMNET, of which PAHO is one of the sponsors.(12/Nov/2007)
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Capacity Development under Program-Based Approaches: LENPA Spring Forum 2005: Synthesis Report (Washington, DC, 25–27 April 2005)
This report synthesizes key ideas and conclusions emerging from above-mentioned forum on strengthening capacities under program-based approaches (PBAs) sponsored by the Learning Network on Program-Based Approaches (LENPA). The page contains a summary, four case studies from Latin America, the full executive summary, and the full-text report.(31/Oct/2005)
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Workshop: Capacity-Building for Tuberculosis Control, with Specific Focus on TB/HIV Control
Purpose: To build country capacity for tuberculosis control in the CAREC Member Countries (CMCs), taking into account that HIV epidemic represents the main threat for TB control. Objectives: Strengthen the National Tuberculosis Programs (NTPs) through the upgrading of knowledge and skills of managers and coordinators in all aspects of prevention and control of tuberculosis, including programme management, DOTS, surveillance, case detection, diagnosis, care and treatment and program operations; and improve the performance of National Tuberculosis Programs (NTPs) and National AIDS Programs (NAPs) regarding the control of the TB/HIV epidemic. This page offers access to the complete workshop CD.(18/Feb/2005)
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Teaching Tuberculosis in Schools of Health: Report of an Expert Consultation (Cartagena, Colombia, 6–8 October 2004)
Tuberculosis is a serious public-health problem, against which the DOTS strategy constitutes the most effective global tool for TB control. Recent studies clearly revealed that one of the major limitations in DOTS expansion concerns the lack of human resources (HR), both in numbers and in terms of adequate skills and abilities. This is PAHO's second meeting in Columbia with teaching representatives from the countries, following up on the initial situation analysis and recommendations on how to improve teaching on tuberculosis in universities; it focuses on how to promote effective involvement of health schools in tuberculosis control. This page offers the summary in English and access to the full-text report in Spanish.(8/Oct/2004)
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CD44.R6: Primary Health Care in the Americas: Lessons Learned over 25 Years and Future Challenges
This resolution from the 44th PAHO Directing Council in 2003, taking into consideration the Declaration of Alma-Ata and past PAHO resolutions, sets forth the mandate of improving the quality of primary care in the Americas: more equitable access to health services, improved surveillance and information systems in this context, improved training for healthcare workers, a health promotion approach, better policy implementation, local community-based approaches and models, working towards the Millennium Development Goals, etc.(25/Sep/2003)
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