Influenza (General Documents)

For more information, visit the Influenza Page of the Disease Prevention and Control Area of the Pan American Health Organization.

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Other Resources

Regional Events Directory, Veterinary Public Health
This list shows upcoming events in the area of veterinary public health, zoonoses, and animal health. It is kept updated by the Veterinary Public Health Virtual Library (VHS) of the Pan American Center for Foot-and-Mouth Disease (PANAFTOSA).(19/Sep/2005)
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This page offers the user a panoramic view of all PAHO materials on the influenza virus (flu virus). The documents are organized according to the following categories: surveillance, prevention and control, PAHO activities, Other PAHO Materials, and General Information/Links. It also contains a listing of featured items for all categories with the most important documents from each, and a customized sidebar with links to key items.(4/Mar/2004)
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International Health Regulations: Working Paper for Regional Consultations
Since 1995, WHO has been working on a revision of the International Health Regulations that would address the ever-changing unpredictable problem of the international spread of disease. WHO has now produced a working paper containing a preliminary draft of the proposed revisions. During the first half of 2004, national governments and international bodies will carefully review this draft. The results of this review will form the basis of an amended draft to be put to an International Working Group (IGWG) planned for November 2004. At this IGWG, Member States will be asked to endorse a final draft to be presented to the World Health Assembly in 2005 for adoption.(15/Dec/2003)
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WHO, List of Links on Communicable Diseases (by topic)
This list of links gives the user direct access to the main WHO pages on the various communicable diseases or on themes related to them.(9/Jul/2003)
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WHO Disease Outbreak News
This link provides access to the latest WHO updates and archives on disease outbreaks throughout the world.(14/Nov/2002)
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List of Participants: 4th Meeting of the Emerging Disease Surveillance Network of the Southern Cone (Asunción, Paraguay, 30 May—1 June 2001)
This list of experts in emerging and reemerging diseases in the Southern Cone (and also of the attending CDC and PAHO area specialists) is included for networking and exchange purposes.(30/May/2002)
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