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Focusing on Anemia (Statement, 2004)
WHO and UNICEF reiterate the urgent need to combat anemia, and stress the importance of recognizing its multifactorial etiology for developing effective control programs.(14/Dec/2004)
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Mantenerse en forma para la vida. Necesidades nutricionales de los adultos mayores
Mantenerse en forma para la vida fue publicado originalmente en inglés por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) y su contenido se basa en una consulta de expertos que analizaron las pruebas científicas que relacionan el régimen de la alimentación y otros factores—especialmente el ejercicio—que afectan el estado nutricional, la prevención de la enfermedad y la promoción de la salud de los adultos mayores. (© OPS, 2004)(20/Apr/2004)
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Building Better Health. A Handbook of Behavioral Change
Blends proven disease prevention practices with behavioral science principles to create a hands-on manual with step-by-step instructions in behavioral change techniques. Author Dr. C. David Jenkins is an internationally known health worker, researcher, and professor. (Scientific Publication, © OPS, 2003) (14/Feb/2003)
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Healthy Eating and Active Living
This page provides an organized listing of everything on the PAHO web falling under the topic of Healthy Eating and Active Living, encompassing such topics as nutrition (for persons over two years of age), healthy eating habits, diet and physical activity, obesity, exercise, active lifestyles, etc.(30/Jul/2008)
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This page provides an organized listing of all PAHO materials in the area of obesity, using a broad range of coherent specific subcategories.(6/Jul/2006)
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Diet and physical activity: a public-health priority
The link below is to the main WHO page on the area of healthy eating and active living and the activities being carried out in accordance with the Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health.(30/Jun/2006)
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Technical Documents

Frequently asked questions about the WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health
On this page WHO answers the main eight questions on the strategy: what it is, the key issues it addresses, how it was prepared, process and practice, taxes and subsidies, food-labeling issues, and private-sector questions for the junk-food industry.(30/Jun/2006)
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Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health: Overall Goal and Guiding Principles
This fact sheet summarizes the Global Strategy, the overall goal of which is to improve public health through healthy eating and physical activity, with guiding principles geared towards achieving that end. (30/Jun/2006)
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PAHO Regional Program on Healthy Eating and Active Living
This page describes the Program's goal, objectives, guiding principles, and expected results for the Region, with the motto Let's eat healthy and get moving Americas!(29/Jun/2006)
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