Viral diseases



Quality of Vaccines to Be Purchased by the PAHO/Revolving Fund
This 9-slide PowerPoint PDF presentation gives details on the vaccine assessment process to verify that the vaccines (a) meet the specifications of the relevant UN Agencies; and (b) are produced and overseen in accordance with the principles recommended by WHO, including those for good manufacturing practices (GMP). This is intended to ensure that vaccines used in national immunization services in different countries are safe and effective and that they meet particular operational specifications for packaging and presentation.(16/Sep/2005)
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Introduction of New and Underutilized Vaccines: Assuring Vaccine Supplies for the Americas
The purpose of this 15-slide PowerPoint PDF presentation is to (1) review Regional Program strategies; (b) discuss PAHO’s approach to technical assistance to countries; and highlight importance of sustaining vaccine supplies for new products.(16/Sep/2005)
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Revolving Fund Assessment: A Collaborative Initiative by Countries, Suppliers and PAHO
This 13-slide PowerPoint PDF presentation focuses on evaluating Revolving Fund activies in providing vaccines and supplies to the countries. This initiative involves partnership with the Latin American Logistics Center and Georgetown University.(16/Sep/2005)
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Status of the Monkeypox (MPXV) Outbreak in the United States
This presentation of 14 PowerPoint slides, complete with illustrations and maps, provides an overview of the monkeypox epidemic in the United States.(30/Jun/2003)
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West Nile Virus in Latin America and the Caribbean
This presentation of seven PowerPoint slides provides an update on the regional situation of West Nile Virus in the Region of the Americas, containing maps and the latest prevention and control strategies.(30/Jun/2003)
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SARS: Global Alert, Global Response
This presentation of eight PowerPoint slides outlines how vital the global alert and response was in containing the worldwide SARS epidemic, how SARS is transmitted, its economic effects, and lessons learned for future application.(30/Jun/2003)
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Master Infection Control Presentation: Infection Control Measures to Prevent Hospital Transmission (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome/SARS)
This six-part course in PDF copies of PowerPoint slides was prepared by the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WHO/WPRO) with the objective of training hospital personnel in the proper prevention and control procedures for SARS, both for their own protection and to prevent hospital transmission. Sections include clinical management, personal protection equipment, scrubbing hands, patient management and transport, laboratory procedures, educating the public, and laundry and disinfection guidelines. The link to WPRO presentations appears on the PAHO web to facilitate distribution and use among hospital staff in the English-speaking countries of the Americas.(30/Apr/2003)
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Salud y Agricultura: Construyendo alianzas para una mejor vida en las Américas
La relación entre salud y agricultura para el desarrollo social y económico es indiscutible y por lo tanto su integración es indispensable. Este video muestra que, juntas, salud y agricultura pueden ayudar a eliminar el hambre y reducir la pobreza.(23/Apr/2003)
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