Other Resources

Other Resources

Foodborne Pathogens and Disease
This links is to the major online journal, which in turn also offers links to other scholarly articles on the topic.(18/Apr/2006)
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WHO, List of Links on Communicable Diseases (by topic)
This list of links gives the user direct access to the main WHO pages on the various communicable diseases or on themes related to them.(9/Jul/2003)
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Diarrheal/Enteric Diseases
This page offers the user a panoramic view of all PAHO materials on diahrreal and enteric diseases (including gastrointestinal disorders). The documents are organized according to the following categories: surveillance, prevention and control, PAHO activities, Other PAHO Materials, and General Information/Links. It also contains a listing of featured items for all categories with the most important documents from each, and a side bar containing frequently requested items, upcoming events, and/or new books.(24/Mar/2003)
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WHO Disease Outbreak News
This link provides access to the latest WHO updates and archives on disease outbreaks throughout the world.(14/Nov/2002)
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