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11th International Dengue Course (Havana, Cuba, 11-21 August 2009)
This course is dedicated to strengthening capacities in dengue control and prevention. Its objective is for participants--physicians, virologists, immunologists, sociologists, epidemiologists, entomologists, health managers, among others interested in this field, along with many professors from several prestigious international institutions--debate on the most relevant and updated aspects of this disease. The IPK is a PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center. It covers a broad range of theoretical and practical topics. Other IPK events(3/Feb/2009)
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Malaria Day in the Americas: 6 November 2008
The theme/slogan for this year's Malaria Day in the Americas is United Against Malaria--Overcoming the challenges of a borderless disease. The event is part of a worldwide campaign to raise awareness and funds to fight this disease. Local and national events will take place to commemorate it. This page offers an information video, a summary, all supplementary materials, including official graphics. (9/Dec/2008)
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Human Rights and Neglected Diseases
Neglected diseases impose a huge burden on developing countries, constituting a serious obstacle for socioeconomic development and quality of life. But the fact that they were bequeathed to our Region by the transatlantic slave trade makes their burden all the more galling: individuals, families and communities in our hemisphere are still suffering illness which originated in that abhorrent exploitation, more than 200 years after the outlawing of the British slave trade. Thus, taking decisive action to eliminate them as a public health problem in the Region, which is an achievable dream.(4/Aug/2008)
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10th International Dengue Course: 20 Years Strengthening Capacities (6-17 August 2007)
Symposium: 25 Years of Struggling against Dengue (9-11 August 2007)

In a regional context of increased dengue activity and the co-circulation of more than one serotype, since 1987 the three specialized PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers in Cuba have been jointly holding a biannual dengue course with the Pedro Kourí Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK), the Cuban Ministry of Public Health and PAHO. The course objective is to bring together a broad multidisciplinary spectrum of specialists in this field to debate on the the most relevant and updated aspects of this disease. The Symposium is aimed at providing a space where participants can acquire an updated vision of the most recent discoveries and advances in dengue and DHF, by facilitating and encouraging the exchange among the participants and prestigious world-renowned specialists.(12/Dec/2006)
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International Clinical Trials Registry Platform
New standards for registration of human medical research (19 May 2006): WHO is urging research institutions and companies to register all medical studies that test treatments on patients or healthy volunteers. Registration of clinical trials –- including preliminary studies -- will be fundamental to ensuring transparency and fulfilling ethical responsibilities, thus publicly declaring and identifying the trials, so as to ensure that a minimum set of results be reported and made publicly available. This link to WHO provides access to the full text and other related articles in the Lancet. (22/May/2006)
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REVELE: Venezuelan Network on Leishmaniasis--Second Meeting (Mérida, Venezuela, 30 June - 1 July 2005)
This second meeting of REVELE will hold three main sessions: (1) Use of network technology in science: what the tool is like and how it is used plus implementation in Venezuela; (2) Use of the network for studying and understanding concrete problems; and (3) Efforts to integrate studies on Leishmaniasis in Venezuela: Justifying the network. The meeting will be held in Spanish, as is the agenda provided in PDF.(27/Jun/2005)
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9th International Course on Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (Havana,
Each year PAHO is involved, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Cuba and the IPK (and this year with TDR), in the organization and promotion of the international course on dengue. The main goal of the course is to provide a forum for discussion through theoretical and practical sessions in which the participants will have the opportunity of attending lectures by prestigious international institutions specialized in the field of Virology, Epidemiology, Vector Control, Immunology, Sociology and Medical Care with particular experience on Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. In addition, participants will review the most relevant and up-to-date facts on this disease. The multidisciplinary approach of this course makes it the most complete training program on Dengue offered worldwide.(25/Jan/2005)
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Virtual Medical Training Course in Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment of Chagas Disease
The Virtual Medical Training Course in Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment of Chagas Disease comes as a response to the needs of the Subregional Initiatives for Controlling Chagas Disease, coordinated by PAHO, in collaboration with Doctors without Borders (Médicos sin fronteras/MSF-Spain) and available via its website (in Spanish). This page offers a summary in English and access to the course and partner sites.(18/Oct/2004)
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Guyana Launches Arteminisin Combination Anti-Malaria Drug Co-artem®
The Ministry of Health of Guyana, in collaboration with PAHO/WHO, launched Co-artem®, a co-formulated anti-malaria drug, on 8 September 2004. Worldwide, falciparum is the most dangerous species of malaria; and in Guyana, more than 25,000 malaria cases are reported annually. Co-artem®, a fixed combination of two drugs (Artemether and Lumefantrine) is an anti-malaria therapy for acute, uncomplicated falciparum malaria.(8/Sep/2004)
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