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An Achievable Dream: Eliminating Some Diseases from the Americas
In this speech, PAHO Director Dr. Mirta Roses outlines a set of communicable diseases--vector-borne, zoonotic, viral, bacterial and parasitic--that can be eliminated or significantly reduced by 2015 at the regional, subregional, or national level. (20/Feb/2008)
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WHO Expands Fight against Chagas Disease with Support from Bayer
This WHO press release describes how WHO is expanding the global effort to eliminate Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis), a vector-borne parasitic infection native to the Americas but spreading worldwide due to migration factors and affecting nine million people, mostly children. The expanded program is supported by Bayer HealthCare, which manufactures nifurtimox, a drug used to treat the disease. (13/Apr/2007)
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International Clinical Trials Registry Platform
New standards for registration of human medical research (19 May 2006): WHO is urging research institutions and companies to register all medical studies that test treatments on patients or healthy volunteers. Registration of clinical trials –- including preliminary studies -- will be fundamental to ensuring transparency and fulfilling ethical responsibilities, thus publicly declaring and identifying the trials, so as to ensure that a minimum set of results be reported and made publicly available. This link to WHO provides access to the full text and other related articles in the Lancet. (22/May/2006)
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Virtual Medical Training Course in Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment of Chagas Disease
The Virtual Medical Training Course in Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment of Chagas Disease comes as a response to the needs of the Subregional Initiatives for Controlling Chagas Disease, coordinated by PAHO, in collaboration with Doctors without Borders (Médicos sin fronteras/MSF-Spain) and available via its website (in Spanish). This page offers a summary in English and access to the course and partner sites.(18/Oct/2004)
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