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World Fair on Municipalities and Health
Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 18-21, 2009.- Argentina hosted the first World Fair on Municipalities and Health: Rights, Citizenship, and Integrated Local Management for Development, one of the year’s most important international health events, with around 3,000 participants expected.
The first day of the Fair closed with a presentation by the Director of the Pan American Health Organization, Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, who talked about "Municipalities, Health and Integrated Management: An Opportunity to Support the Exercise of Civil Rights."
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With a declaration of commitment to work together for a most healthy world and with an appeal to promote the full development of its communities, the director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Mirta Roses, closed the World Fair on Municipalities and Health.
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Health-Promoting Schools. Strengthening of the Regional Initiative. Strategies and Lines of Action 2003-2012. Health Promotion Series No. 4
This Strategic Plan for Strengthening the Health-Promoting Schools Regional Initiative during the period 2003 to 2012, is the result of a long process of analysis of the current status of the Health-Promoting Schools Strategy in Latin America and the Caribbean, and of the needs of children and adolescents, and of the countries in the Region. It is also the result of discussion sessions, consensus, and final validation with a group of professionals, mainly from the health and education sectors, with wide experience in the management of the strategy and school health programs in the countries of the Region. The Strategic Plan, presented in this document, reflects the vision of the Pan American Health Organization for strengthening the Regional Initiative throughout the next ten years. Once again, we encourage all Member States to continue their efforts to improve the health and quality of education of all school-age children and adolescents through the Health-Promoting Schools.(10/May/2004)
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Health in the Americas, 2002 Edition
Health in the Americas, 2002 edition, is the Pan American Health Organization flagship publication analyzing the health situation and trends in the Region of the Americas. In this 2002 edition, the analysis of Health in the Americas is oriented toward documenting inequalities in health. In order to best show the analysis at both the Regional and country levels, this edition, as were previous ones, is presented in two volumes. (© PAHO, 2002)(20/Sep/2002)
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Biodiversity, Biotechnology, and Sustainable Development in Health and Agriculture: Emerging Connections
This publication explores the connections among biodiversity, biotechnology, and sustainable development by examining the drug discovery process and agricultural improvements for better nutrition.(26/May/1996)
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Other Resources

SDE Centers (2007)
SDE Centers webpage SDE Collaborating Centers Technical cooperation efforts with PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers and other national and international agencies, as well as nongovernmental organizations, have facilitated important achievements in public health, particularly in the Area of Sustainable Development and Environmental Health. (15/Feb/2007)
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SDE Children (2007)
SDE Children webpage Welcome to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Sustainable Development and Environment Area (SDE) web site on Healthy Environments for Children. In this site you will find documents developed within the region on environmental concerns that focus explicitly on children. You will also find materials to download and use in your community on children's environmental health and you will be able to link to other valuable sites that provide information, documents and materials to download. It is our intention to provide you with the best possible access to information that we think is useful to people in the region of the Americas. Please submit comments or questions to webmaster (15/Feb/2007)
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SDE Healthy Development (2007)
The equity and the social inclusion are the guiding principles of the process of local development shaped as an environment and a set of tools to strengthen the local management, the democratic participation of the citizenship in the decisions that affect and define the health conditions and quality of life in the context of a reflexive public sphere, dynamic and that responds to the needs and aspirations of the population. The public policies are a motor for the development with equity, while the participation and the citizen empowerment are the inspiration and the creativity for the sustainable social development. (15/Feb/2007)
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Periodical Publications

EID Updates: Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases, Region of the Americas, Vol. 4, No. 8 (16 April 2007)
This issue provides details on how the dengue outbreak in Paraguay is continuing to subside.(16/Apr/2007)
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Prevention, control, and elimination of neglected diseases in the Americas: Pathways to integrated, inter-programmatic, inter-sectoral action for health and development
Over 210 million people in the Americas live below the poverty line. These impoverished and marginalized populations are heavily burdened with neglected communicable diseases. These diseases continue to enact a toll, not only on families and communities, but on the economically constrained countries themselves. The purpose of this paper is three fold. First, it focuses on a need for integrated "pro-poor" approaches and policies different from traditional approaches. Second, it outlines the need for a specific strategy for addressing these diseases and offers several entry points in the context of broad public health measures involving multiple sectors. Finally, the paper presents several initiatives from PAHO and other institutions that document the importance of integrated, inter-programmatic, and inter-sectoral approaches. Authors include PAHO experts from different areas and the PAHO Director. (BMC Public Health 2007, 7:6, doi:10.1186/1471-2458-7-6) (17/Jan/2007)
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Technical Documents

The Challenge in Disaster Reduction for the Water and Sanitation Sector: Improving Quality of Life by Reducing Vulnerability
This joint publication (PAHO, UNICEF, ISDR, and IFRC) was introduced at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico in March 2006 to draw attention to the importance of ensuring that water and sanitation systems remain fully operational in the aftermath of natural disasters. It is hoped that in this way, countries will meet, by the year 2015, the MDG target of reducing by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to drinking water and basic sanitation. Risk management is an important tool for the fulfillment of global challenges to provide water and sanitation services to all at all times.(8/May/2006)
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Regional Declarations, Charters and Commitments
Health promotion focuses on achieving equity in health. Health promotion action aims at reducing differences in current health status and ensuring equal opportunities and resources to enable all people to achieve their fullest health potential.(13/Mar/2006)
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