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Villa Centenario OPS - Chronicle of healthy housing after a disaster
The Villa Centenario OPS, an anti-seismic housing complex, was developed in El Salvador to benefit people affected by the earthquakes of January and February 2001. This publication relates the participation of the different actors who made possible, in El Salvador, the first experience in the Americas where a new vision is used to build healthy housing and human settlements. In Spanish only(16/Oct/2002)
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Field Photos: 2002 Mission to Guatemala to Fight Chagas Disease
The 13 photographs below illustrate the official mission to Guatemala in February 2002, conducted jointly by PAHO and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as part of their joint collaboration project with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) in the fight against Chagas disease in poverty-stricken rural communities. The mission conducted field visits to isolated communities in Zacapa, Jutiapa, Chiquimula and elsewhere to evaluate the situation with a view to present and future community-level activities and then presented its findings to the Ministry of Health in Guatemala City. All this was carried out within the framework of the Initiative of Central American Countries against Chagas Disease (IPCA).(29/Jun/2005)
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Field Photos: PAHO-JICA Team at Work in Guatemala
These nine photographs illustrate the teamwork going on as part of PAHO's joint collaboration project with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) of Guatemala in the fight against Chagas disease in poverty-stricken rural communities. These actities were carried out within the framework of the Initiative of Central American Countries against Chagas Disease (IPCA).(28/Jun/2005)
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Field Photos: Guatemalan Anti-Chinche Campaign through Community-Based Integrated Vector Control (IVM)
These 15 photos show the activities of the campaign for integrated vector control (IVM) in the fight against Chagas in Guatemala. Not only does this mean applying pesticides but also promoting community participation through education to enable them to better protect themselves. This campaign is the result of collaboration between the Ministry of Health, PAHO, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).(23/Jun/2005)
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Other Resources

Feature: Toward the Eradiction of Chagas Disease
The PAHO partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), working together with the Ministries of Health in Central America, is a successful example of the tremendous progress that joint efforts can make in disease eradication. This article from JICA Magazine, JICA's English-language publication, describes the impact of the Initiative of the Central American Countries to Fight Chagas Disease (IPCA) on tackling this dread disease, one mostly affecting the poor, with a view to its elimination.(11/Sep/2006)
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Periodical Publications

Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas-January 2003, No. 90
This month's editorial focuses on the plight of displaced populations when they cross borders into other countries. It is often hard to assess the living conditions of these populations, especially if an armed conflict impedes access to the areas where they are fleeing.(22/Jan/2003)
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Technical Documents

IPCA: Initiative of the Countries of Central America for Control of Vector-Borne and Transfusional Transmission and Medical Care for Chagas Disease
This information sheet describes the activities of the subregional initiative to fight Chagas Disease in Central America, where PAHO and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) collaborate with the country health authorities. It contains links to proceedings from meetings, project facts, maps, IEC materials, photos, etc.(7/Oct/2008)
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Workshop to Design a Comprehensive Strategy for Primary Health Care (PHC) for Controlling Chagas Disease in the Chaco Region: Elaboration of a Protocol and Intervention Guidelines in Three Pilot Areas (La Paz, Bolivia, 14–16 May 2008)
The objective of this meeting was to Validate a comprehensive and sustainable intervention strategy for the prevention, control, and treatment of Chagas disease in the biogeographical region of the Bolivian Chaco, which will contribute to the development of the region and improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants. This page offers a summary in English and access to the 28-page meeting report in Spanish.(16/May/2008)
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Honduras: Activities to Fight Chagas Disease
This page serves as a resource with links to all online PAHO information on Chagas disease in Honduras and current prevention and control activities currently being carried out there: the subregional initiative, events, missions, educational materials, photos, maps, etc.(14/Mar/2007)
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