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   Technical Documents

Technical Documents

Capacity Development under Program-Based Approaches: LENPA Spring Forum 2005: Synthesis Report (Washington, DC, 25–27 April 2005)
This report synthesizes key ideas and conclusions emerging from above-mentioned forum on strengthening capacities under program-based approaches (PBAs) sponsored by the Learning Network on Program-Based Approaches (LENPA). The page contains a summary, four case studies from Latin America, the full executive summary, and the full-text report.(31/Oct/2005)
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CD45.R8: Disaster Preparedness and Response
This report from the PAHO Directing Council lays forth the Organization's mandate for emergency and disaster preparedness and response in hospitals, clinics, and primary-care facilities in the Americas.(1/Oct/2004)
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Mission d'investigation d'une rumeur d'épidémie à Ca Pierre, commune de Fon Batis, 7ème section communale d'Arcahaie, Haïti: Rapport final
Cette page offre le rapport final de l'équipe envoyé à investiguer des rumeurs d'une épidémie de typhoïde en Haïti, celle que l'on a confirmée quelques jours après. Le rapport décrit la historique de la rumeur, les objectifs de la mission, la confirmation d'une flambée épidémique, la recherche active de cas, les actions entreprises, la conclusion de la mission et les actions à entreprendre.(30/Jun/2004)
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Fact Sheet: Primary Care in an Indigenous Community of Chorotes (Tartagal, Province of Salta, Argentina)
Within the framework of PAHO/WHO technical cooperation in Argentina, a Pilot Project began in late 2001 aimed at improving the quality of life of the indigenous peoples of the Chaco region. The project was a great success in that in involved full community participation and a multitude of actors. This fact sheet summarizes its activities and accomplishments.(24/Jul/2003)
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Drains & You: A Manual for Drainage Maintenance Workers
This manual is useful not only for drainage workers engaged in cleaning and repairing secondary drains, working for ministries and local governments, but also for the general public in making them aware of the role drains play in public health and safety. In the latter sense, it serves as a social-communication tool to raise community awareness of the general public of domestic-sanitation issues and their effect on public health. This page offers the entire manual for field use, with chapters downloadable in PDF.(30/Mar/2000)
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