Assistant Director's Office / Special Advisor for Social and Media Communication

Training of Trainers in Risk Communication

( La Paz, Bolivia, 23 – 25 September 2008 )

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  • Bryna Brennan, Special Advisor, Social and Media Communication (PAHO)


  • Vilma Gutiérrez, Communicator Specialist in Public Health (PAHO)
  • Gustavo Delgado, Communicator Specialist in Public Health (PAHO)
  • Susana Hannover, Communicator Specialist in Public Health (PAHO-Bolivia)
  • Jennie Vásquez, Communicator Consultant in Public Health


  • To create a group of risk communication trainers with the ability to: replicate the acquired knowledge, assist national authorities in emergency situations, and support the development and implementation of a National Risk Communication Plan that takes into consideration the new Sanitary International Regulations.


  • Develop a communicator’s network from the Ministry of Health to exchange information and experiences regarding planning and preparations of the local risk communication plans.
  • Support a multi-sectoral committee on pandemic influenza Communications to amplify the focus of its current strategy. In order to develop a national communication strategy that permits the planning of interventions to confront any situation that would be adverse to public health.
  • Work in an inter-institutional and inter-sectoral manner and replicate the training in risk communication to other communicators at the regional and departmental level.

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