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Assistant Director's Office / Special Advisor for Social and Media Communication

Subregional Workshop on Communication for the
National Preparedness Plans for an Influenza Pandemic
Andean Region

( Bogota, Colombia, 5 – 7 June 2007 )

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Participant Countries

  • Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.


  • Mrs. Bryna Brennan, Special Advisor, Social and Media Communication (PAHO)


  • Mrs. Xinia Bustamante, Communicator Specialist in Public Health (PAHO)
  • Dr. Alfonso Contreras, Associated Expert (PAHO)
  • Mr. Gustavo Delgado, Communicator Specialist in Public Health (PAHO)
  • Mrs. Vilma Gutiérrez, Communicator Specialist in Public Health (PAHO)
  • Mrs. Maritza Labrana, Journalist, Ministry of Health, Chile


  • Develop and build on skills in crisis and emergency (risk) communication geared toward avian/pandemic influenza planning and preparation.
  • Insure that mechanisms exist within National Influenza Preparedness Plans for communicating among agencies, to the media, the public, and to essential partners focusing on prevention and preparation.
  • Design culturally appropriate messages for varied publics.
  • Ensure that the participants understand the tie among the preparations for pandemic influenza and the International Health Regulations.


  • The communication, creation and distribution of key and unified messages before and during an influenza pandemic will be an essential part of a coordinated response.
  • The PAHO technical cooperation in this sphere aims at succeeding that communication strategies be included in the National Preparation Plans to cope with an influenza pandemic.


  • A cadre of communication officers trained in crisis and emergency (risk) communication strategies and tactics.
  • National communication plans critiqued, analyzed and incorporated into the National Influenza Preparedness Plan.
  • Mechanisms to put the plans into action and ensure follow up evaluation.
  • A regional communicators’ network framework in place to share materials, exchange ideas, and build on best practices.

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