Assiatant Director's Office / Special Advisor for Social and Media Communication

Risk and Outbreak Communication for Avian Influenza and Pandemic Preparedness, Subregional Workshop
Central America

( Guatemala City, Guatemala, 7 – 9 November 2006 )

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  • Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama.


  • Dr. Jody Lanard, Risk Communication Consultant
  • Mrs. Jennie Vasquez-Solis, Health Communication Specialist


  • Develop and build on skills in crisis and emergency (risk) communication geared toward avian/pandemic influenza planning and preparation.
  • Insure that mechanisms exist within National Influenza Preparedness Plans for communicating among agencies, to the media, the public, and to essential partners focusing on prevention and preparation.
  • Design culturally appropriate messages for varied publics.


  • A cadre of communication officers trained in crisis and emergency (risk) communication strategies and tactics.
  • National communication plans critiqued, analyzed and incorporated into the National Influenza Preparedness Plan.
  • Mechanisms to put the plans into action and ensure follow up evaluation.
  • A regional communicators’ network framework in place to share materials, exchange ideas, and build on best practices.

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