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World TB Day, 24 March 2009: I am Stopping TB!

Download 3 posters (PDF, see below) | Video from PAHO Director (in Spanish: text in PDF)

World TB Day 2009, Community Poster


World TB Day 2009, poster for patients


World TB Day 2009, poster for health workers

Health Workers

"I am stopping TB" is more than a slogan. It is the continuation of a two-year campaign, launched in 2008, that belongs to people everywhere who are doing their part to Stop TB. World TB Day is about celebrating the lives and stories of people affected by TB: women, men and children who have taken TB treatment; nurses; doctors; researchers; community workers—anyone who has contributed towards the global fight against TB.

TB Partners Forum 2009

Main Events

WHO Press Release

Global Tuberculosis Control 2009

Main website for World TB Day 2009 (Stop TB Partnership)
10 Facts about Tuberculosis
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WHO Tuberculosis Page

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