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CAMDI III Workshop: Diabetes Surveillance and Control in Central America

(Guatemala City, Guatemala, 12–14 August 2002)

Workshop Report (33 pp, in Spanish, PDF, 578 KB: links from table of contents, contains country updates)


PowerPoint Presentations (in Spanish,
titles translated below)
NCD Survey: Diabetes, Hypertension, and Associated Risk Factors (Guatemala) (457 KB)
Biochemical Analysis (45 KB)
Blood Pressure (316 KB)
National Capacities for Hypertension Prevention and Control (539 KB)
Current Status of Arterial Hypertension in Panama (224 KB)

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As a relevant public-health problem, diabetes is a low-visibility topic in the majority of Central American countries. However, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases constitute a silent epidemic and a primary cause of premature death in our countries. In addition, diabetes has a lot to do with the quality of life of the population, which is closely related to chronic and degenerative diseases like these that tend to escape notice because they are so insidious.


The Central American Diabetes Initiative (CAMDI) was started in 2000. The objectives of this III CAMDI Workshop were

  • Support the development of the initiative in the participating countries.
  • Review the methodology of the survey on diabetes and hypertension to ensure comparability of the results.
  • Provide technical technical assistance with several aspects of the survey, such as sampling, budget, and field work, and discuss and contribute elements to develop standardized instructions for carrying out the field work.
  • Carry out preliminary discussions to define the general aspects of Phase II of the initiative.

The Workshop, held for three days in Guatemala City, brought together officials from Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. During the workshop, they discussed the methodological details of the Multinational Survey on Diabetes and Hypertension being developed during Phase I of CAMDI. There was also a demonstration of how to conduct the interview and take the anthropometric measurements for blood pressure , as a part of the effort to standardize these procedures in the participating countries. In addition, there was a review and discussion of the technical manual for field work, thus enriching its operational value. The representatives from each country also had the opportunity to offer an overview of project development and discuss solutions to their fundamental problems. Important agreements were made on essential aspects of the survey, such as budget preparation and formation and training of national teams.

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