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First Learning Session of the CAMDI Collaborative Project

(Managua, Nicaragua, 3–4 July 2007)

- Agenda (PDF, 105 Kb)
- PowerPoint Presentations
In English
1. Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Cycles | español (433 Kb)
In Spanish (titles translated for user orientation)
2. Introductory Presentation (1007 Kb)
3. Lessons Learned in Canada from Improvement Studies (934 Kb)
4. Role of Training Professionals and Patients: The Nicaraguan Experience (232 Kb)
5. CAMDI-ACIC: Evaluation of the CNCD Care Model (336 Kb)
6. CAMDI-ACIC: Evaluation of the Diabetes Care Model (847 Kb)
7. Change Package (335 Kb)

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As part of the second stage of development of the Central American Diabetes Initiative (CAMDI), an intervention was started in four centers of Managua, Nicaragua, to improve care for people with diabetes. The intervention began with application of the Breakthrough Series (BTS) Methodology. In the first learning session, teams from local health centers participated in this project and identified the main activities they need to develop to improve the quality of services offered to people with diabetes. At the end of the meeting, the participants agreed on a change package for implementing the intervention and made agreements on training the core teams who will spearhead the intervention.

The objective of the Collaborative Project is de continually improve the quality of care for people with chronic diseases through a joint effort by health professionals and managers to promote best practices en health facilities and services. PAHO has had a positive experience in the implementation of this type of project in Mexico and would now like to implement it in other countries. For more information on the Collaborative Project, see the CAMDI page.

The PAHO Noncommunicable Disease Unit is carrying out this project, with support from PAHO-Nicaragua. Drs. Alberto Barceló and Enrique Pérez Flores, together with Elizabeth Cafiero, facilitated this event. Also present was Dr. Sandra Delon, Director of Health Services in Calgary, Canada.

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