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CARMEN Biennial Meeting:

Sharing, Learning, Imagining, Planning, and Partnering to Implement the Chronic Disease Regional Strategy within the CARMEN Network

(Nassau, Bahamas, 4–8 November 2007)

new!Final Report (30 pp, PDF, 269 Kb)
- List of Participants (3 pp, PDF)

Note that the venue was changed to the Bahamas.

- CARMEN Overview
- Information Sheet (text to right)
- Agenda | Advance Materials

4 November:
Closed Meeting, PAHO & CARMEN Members only:
Terms of Reference

- CARMEN Index
- CARMEN Newsletter

Regional Strategy

Overall Theme: Celebrating the first 10 years of the CARMEN Network and planning for the implementation of the Regional Strategy and Plan of Action on Chronic Disease Prevention and Control, including Diet and Physical Activity.

Objectives   |   Expected Results   |   Audience   |   Advance Materials

  1. Profile the successes and lessons learned over the 10 years of CARMEN.
  2. Agree on the Terms of Reference for the CARMEN Network.
  3. Develop the capacity for implementing the Chronic Disease Regional Strategy within the CARMEN Network.
  4. Review progress with implementation of the Chronic Disease Regional Strategy, including findings from the WHO Survey of National NCD capacity.
  5. Plan CARMEN-related activities and joint projects at the regional, subregional and national levels for the 2008–2009 biennium.
  6. Deepen existing partnerships in support of CARMEN national and subregional plan implementation and to identify new opportunities for partnerships (Technical Cooperation between Countries / TCCs, PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers).

Expected Results

  • Clear statements on the CARMEN goals and objectives.
  • Agreement on the operations of the CARMEN Network (e.g. roles & responsibilities of countries, management committee, partner organizations, and PAHO/WHO; communication mechanisms; frequency of meetings, etc.).
  • Defined projects for the CARMEN network to implement the Chronic Disease Regional Strategy, with specific actions for the 2008–2009 biennium.
  • Defined tools/methodologies to support CARMEN initiatives at country level (how to expand demonstration area projects to national level, problems management tools, FAQ, how to establish intercountry collaboration).
  • Deepened sense of joint collaborative commitment among PAHO, countries, and partners towards implementing the Chronic Disease Regional Strategy.

Audience   |   List of participants in PDF

  • CARMEN Members and representatives of all countries on the Region.
  • PAHO representatives: HDM focal points from all PAHO country offices and Centers; PAHO Noncommunicable Disease Unit and related units from PAHO Headquarters; PAHO Director.
  • PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers and partners on the initiative.
  • Related networks.

Advance Materials for the Meeting

Day 1: Policy & Advocacy

Day 2: Surveillance & Research

Day 3: Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Day 4: Integrated Management of Diseases & Risk Factors

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs)
  • Diabetes

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