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VPH News (Year 2, No. 4, May 2008)

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Bulletin of the Pan American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center
This issue of the PANAFTOSA bulletin, from the Pan American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, assigned the task of research and monitoring of foot-and-mouth disease and other zoonotic diseases. This issue contains four relevant journal articles, 22 abstracts of related articles, a bibliography on vesicular diseases, and more. This page offers access to each section in PDF files. The bulletin is published in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Final Report and Proceedings: 14th Inter-American Meeting, at the Ministerial Level, on Health and Agriculture (RIMSA 14) (Mexico City, Mexico, 2122 April 2005)

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IIntersectoral Coordination between Health & Agriculture: Zoonoses, Food Safety and Foot-and-Mouth Disease (final report and proceedings: XII Inter-American Meeting at the Ministerial Level on Health & Agriculture, 2001).



Bulletin of the Pan American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center



VPH News (Year 2, No. 4, May 2008)


VPH News (Year 2, No. 3, January 2008)


VPH News (Year 1, No. 2, September/October 2007)

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PANAFTOSA Bibliographical Database, Veterinary Public Health Virtual Library (VHS)


Virtual Library in Veterinary Public Health (VHL PANAFTOSA)

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