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Hemispheric Conference on the Eradication of Foot-and-Mouth Disease

(Houston, Texas, USA, 3–4 March 2004)

Houston Declaration
(4 March 2004)

Opening speech by Dr. Mirta Roses, Director of PAHO (in Spanish)

Conference Materials (PDF)
- Background Information (87 KB)
- Provisional Agenda (108 KB)
- Provisional Program (153 KB)
- Brochure (954 KB)
- Hotel information (103 KB)

Hemispheric FMD conference

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Conference Objectives

General To increase awareness and generate support among the public and private sectors to enable the final stages of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) eradication from the Western Hemisphere.
  1. To demonstrate institutional and commercial commitment towards a strategic approach to eradicate FMD from the Western Hemisphere.
  2. To identify potential contributions that the various stakeholders can make toward the final stages of FMD eradication.
  3. To promote effective methods for independent evaluation and support for the progress towards eradication of FMD from the Western Hemisphere.

Delegates from countries of the Americas and other Regions representing public and private sectors, international organizations for technical and financial cooperation, scientists, trade representatives, and consumers.

Participation by invitation only. For an invitation, contact the PAHO Veterinary Public Health Unit, indicating name, affiliation, address, e-mail, and FMD-related activities. Deadline for registration extended until 28 February 2004.


  1. Panel presentations and interactive discussions with participants (summaries of the presentations will be distributed).
  2. Poster displays.
  3. Formulation of a resolution of commitment to complete hemispheric eradication of FMD.

Place and Date
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Houston, Texas, USA, 3–4 March 2004.

Organizing Committee Members
Representatives of the Hemispheric Committee for the Eradication of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (COHEFA) and stakeholders involved in the eradication of the disease.

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