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Memorandum of Understanding between the Alliance for Rabies Control and the Pan American Health Organization

Epidemiological Alerts Archives, 2003–2008

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Rabid Bytes: Newsletter of the Alliance for Rabies Control (ARC)
This link to the Rabid Bytes home page provides automatic electronic subscription and access to present and past issues. PAHO collaborates with the Alliance for Rabies Control (ARC).
Rabid Bytes

Elimination of Dog-Transmitted Human Rabies in Latin America: Situation Analysis
This book contains the results of a regional project involving 21 countries. It includes chapters devoted to the results of each of them, along with regional data. For each country and the region as a whole, there are sections on the epidemiological situation and control activities. It also contains a variety of maps and graphs illustrating the situation. This page provides access to the entire book or to the separate chapters, by country.

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Final Report and Proceedings: 14th Inter-American Meeting, at the Ministerial Level, on Health and Agriculture (RIMSA 14) (Mexico City, Mexico, 21–22 April 2005)


Disaster Chronicles: El Niño 1997-1998 (only in Spanish)



Bulletin of the Pan American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center



Epidemiological Alerts Archives, 2003–2008


VPH News (Year 2, No. 4, May 2008)


Rabid Bytes: Newsletter of the Alliance for Rabies Control (ARC)


VPH News (Year 1, No. 2, September/October 2007)

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World Rabies Day

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