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Mexico City, D.F., Mexico, 21–22 April 2005

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Working Documents

  • RIMSA14/1, Rev. 5
    —  Agenda

  • RIMSA14/WP/1, Rev. 4
    —  Program of Meetings

  • RIMSA14/2, Rev. 1
    —  List of Participants

  • RIMSA14/3
    —  Veterinary Public Health?Progress Report on the Compliance of the Secretariat to the Mandates of the Governing Bodies of PAHO, 2004-2005

  • RIMSA14/4
    —  Plan of Action of the Pan American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center, 2006-2007

  • RIMSA14/5
    —  Report on the 10th Meeting of the Hemispheric Committee for the Eradication of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (COHEFA 10)

  • RIMSA14/6
    —  PAHO/WHO Proposed Plan of Action for Technical Cooperation in Food Safety, 2006-2007

  • RIMSA14/7
    —  Report on the 4th Meeting of the Pan American Commission for Food Safety (COPAIA 4)

  • RIMSA14/8
    —  Overview of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for Eradication of Extreme Poverty and Hunger with Reference to Latin America and the Caribbean

  • RIMSA14/9
    —  Community Participation in the Food Production Chain and Food Safety

  • RIMSA14/10
    —  Appropriate Technology: Small Producers and Food Security

  • RIMSA14/11
    —  Intersectoral Collaboration for the Promotion of Agriculture and Livestock Production and Human Development

  • RIMSA14/12
    —  Special Support to Small Island States in Capacity Building for Food Safety and International Trade

  • RIMSA14/13
    —  Elimination of Human Rabies in Latin America-Current Status

  • RIMSA14/14 and RIMSA14/14, Corrig. 1
    —  Current Situation of New and Emerging Animal Diseases—the International Zoosanitary Code as a Basis for Policy and Trade

  • RIMSA14/15
    —  Initiatives for Food Security, Food Safety, and Animal Transborder Diseases

  • RIMSA14/16
    —  Public and Private Sector Roles of Agriculture and Health in Eradicating Hunger and Extreme Poverty in Rural Areas— Mobilizing International Cooperation

  • RIMSA14/17
    —  Inter-country Cooperation in the International Food Trade--Implications for Health and Development

  • RIMSA14/18
    —  Attention to Neglected Diseases with Emphasis on Zoonoses in Vulnerable Populations

  • RIMSA14/19
    —  Financial Initiatives of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Support of the Mandates of the Summits of the Americas in Rural and Social Development

  • RIMSA14/20
    —  Agricultural Health and Sustainable Rural Development

  • RIMSA14/21
    —  Agricultural and Livestock Policy, Science and Technology Applied to the Food Chain

  • RIMSA14/22
    —  Empowering and Expanding the Role of Women in Food Security and Local Development

  • RIMSA14/23
    —  Roles of Local Organizations and Indigenous Communities as Agents for the Mobilization of Basic Community Services

  • RIMSA14/24
    —  Converging Human and Animal Health Expertise and Resources in the Global Response to New and Emerging Zoonoses (Avian Influenza and SARS)

  • RIMSA14/25
    —  Central American Regional Cooperation in Health and Agriculture: Catalytic Role of the Specialized Regional Agencies

  • RIMSA14/26
    —  Rural Poverty: Health and Lifestyle

Information Documents

  • RIMSA14/INF/1
    —  Report of the 10th Meeting of Directors of the National Programs for Control of Rabies in Latin America (REDIPRA 10)

  • RIMSA14/INF/2
    —  The Houston Declaration

  • RIMSA14/INF/3
    —  Current Status of Genetically Modified Foods

  • RIMSA14/INF/4
    —  Proposed PAHO Gender Equality Policy

  • RIMSA14/INF/6
    —  Report on the Caribbean Food Safety Initiative: Modernization of the Legislative Framework for Food Safety, Animal Health and Plant Health

Final Report

Diverse Documents

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