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Family and Community Health

Family and Community Health (FCH)

  • Promotes, coordinates and implements technical cooperation activities that emphasize the central role of family and the community to foster a culture of health promotion and protection where health becomes a social value.
  • Focuses on key stages of human growth and development -- infancy, childhood, and adolescence--, sexual behavior and reproductive health.
  • Supports countries, in collaboration with national and international partners, in identifying, developing, implementing and evaluating evidenced-based approaches, which are mutually reinforcing and cover the whole spectrum from critical child survival actions, to healthy growth and development into adulthood.
  • Seeks to coordinate synergistic actions among its units, and other units within PAHO, to address existing health gaps and future needs of the Regionís most vulnerable and hard to reach population groups, by means of strengthened country capabilities, normative, policy and legislative guidance, community participation, the promotion of healthy policies, social and resource mobilization, inter-agency collaboration, advocacy, and the development of sustainable and equitable interventions.


  • Enhances national capabilities to implement HIV/AIDS prevention and comprehensive care interventions that ensure effective protection against infection among the most relevant population groups.
  • Promotes the scaling up of health systems to improve overall conditions and survival of affected individuals with HIV/AIDS.
  • Provides critical information on HIV/AIDS and epidemiological data for decision making. Advocates for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS and members of vulnerable groups, using a public health and human rights perspective.
    • Supports country efforts in improving surveillance and control programs for sexually transmitted infections; and promotes a broad intersectoral response.

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