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Working Group on Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines

PAHO/WHO organized a Working Group meeting on TRIPS and Access to Medicines, Nicaragua, April 2004, with the participation of experts from the Region of the Americas. The purpose of the meeting was to formulate a series of recommendations for countries to facilitate the incorporation of TRIPS provisions when modifying intellectual property legislation, through global, multilateral or bilateral trade agreements, emphasizing the importance of public health and access to medicines.

Final Report (Spanish Only)

International Seminar on Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines

In July 2004, the National Public Health Authorities and National Authorities responsible for Trade and Commerce from Andean countries met in Lima, Peru to discuss potential implications of changes in IPR on access to medicines. The Seminar was convened by Andean Community of Nations (CAN), and supported by WHO, PAHO and The Regional Organism for Andean Health (ORAS).

Andean Community of Nations Web Page

Measuring the Impact of changes in IPR on Access to Medicines

PAHO/WHO at the request of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia, has supported a study to measure the potential impact of changes in IPR through Trade Agreements on the pharmaceutical market in Colombia. The full report can be obtained on request to

Executive Summary (Spanish Only)

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