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Essential Medicines, Vaccines, and Health Technology  



To promote the knowledge and implementation of GMP as a strategy for improving the quality of medicinal drugs in the countries of the Americas.

Objetives (PDF - 24Kb)

Background (PDF - 37Kb)


Regional Guideline for GMP Inspection (PDF - 474Kb)
(final document-approved)

Documents for Public Opinion

  1. Decision Tree for GMP Guide implementation
  2. Code of Ethic
  3. GMP for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient.
  4. Compliance on WHO 92 (Study) (PDF - 32 Kb)
    (under consideration)
  5. Indicators (PDF - 102 Kb)
    (under consideration-Spanish-)

Initial Diagnostic Study on GMP (PDF - 102Kb)
Educational needs -Spanish-

Report on Implementation of Educational Seminars
2000 – 2003 (pdf)
(PDF - 2.45Mb)

Educational Documents

WHO GMP Basic Educational Modules

WHO Educational Modules on Validation, Water and Air Systems prepared by WHO

  Directory (PDF - 69 Kb)

Work Plan - (PDF - 26 Kb)

Plan of Educational Seminars
(PDF - 77 Kb)

Program of Education Seminar on GMP Guide
-Spanish- (PDF - 33 Kb)


Sixth Meeting Washington. March 06 (PDF 75 Kb)

Fifth Meeting Washington DC.
(PDF 109 Kb)

Fourth Meeting Dominican Rep.- (PDF 198 Kb)

Third Meeting Guatemala
(PDF 158 Kb)

Second Meeting México -Spanish-(PDF - 1.62Mb)

First Meeting Venezuela -Spanish-(PDF-121Kb)

Related Documents

GMP Texts adopted by the 39th WHO Experts Comitee

Full Report

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