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Newsletter for Indigenous People

The Newsletter for Indigenous People is a quarterly publication of PAHO's Health of the Indigenous Peoples Initiative. It's main objective is to create a communication network to share experiences that contribute to the well-being of the indigenous peoples of the hemisphere. Initially, the newsletter will be distributed through the Internet and E-mail, but a printed versions are planned for the near future.

The Indigenous Peoples Newsletter constitutes an invitation for the countries of the Region to disseminate their experiences toward the search for equity in a context of recognition and respect for the cultural diversity of all the peoples of the Americas. The production of this newsletter will be the responsibility of a country or a group of countries; it is the intention to rotate the responsibility for each edition.

The first edition of the newsletter, "Healing our Spirit Worldwide," published in June 2003, was the result of the cooperation between the Initiative and the countries of the Region, particularly with the representatives of the 10 countries that participated in the "IV Healing our Spirit Worldwide Conference" held in September 2-6, 2002 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The persons who represented Panama in the Conference, Ms. Margarita Griffith, Chief of the Section of Indigenous Peoples and Mr. Yuri Bacorizo, Chief of the Section of Traditional Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Panama, edited this first issue, which is available in electronic version in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Kichwa, the dialect of kechwa spoken by the Kichwa indigenous peoples of Ecuador (future issues will be mainly in English and Spanish, but since the promotion of the utilization of the native languages in communication with indigenous people is a priority within the work of the Health of the Indigenous Peoples Initiative, it is a pleasure to produce a Kichwa version of this first edition of the newsletter).

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