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In response to the request of Member States to organize a process for defining future strategic and programmatic orientations in PHC”, on May 13, 2004, PAHO/WHO created a "Working Group on PHC” (WG) whose main function is to advise the Organization on how to build a reinvigorated vision of the PHC strategy that would address the challenges posed by the new millennium, particularly those posed by the MDGs. The WG provided guidance on the drafting of a PAHO/WHO Position Paper and a Regional Declaration on the Renewal of PHC which reflect the current realities and the way forward.

Summary of the process leading to the Draft Position Paper and Regional Declaration.

We are requesting Member States to manifest their agreement or comments to the revised versions of the Regional Declaration on Primary Health Care, by 19 August, 2005. We hope to have a Declaration that could be endorsed by all Member States at the 46th Directing Council, to be celebrated in Washington, DC, 26 to 29 September, 2005. We will be posting in this same web page comments received by Member States.

** Regional Declaration on Primary Health Care **


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