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Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI)  

The DBJL and the Virtual Health Library (VHL)

The CFNI Library is a part of the PAHO/BIREME Virtual Health Library (VHL) initiative.

The VHL is the evolution and heritage of over three decades of cooperative work to expand and strengthen the flow of scientific and technical health information in Latin America and the Caribbean, under the leadership of PAHO through BIREME. In the VHL, technical information is translated into a dynamic network of information resources.

From its inception, this cooperative work has continually been renewed in accordance with new models of management, organization and treatment of information. Within the region, the VHL has been established as the PAHO strategy for technical cooperation in scientific and technical health information.

The VHL follows the Internet paradigm for information and communication, which is applicable to all areas of knowledge and to all countries in different stages of social and economic development. It is an integral part of the flow of scientific and technical health information from countries of the Latin American region, the Caribbean and Spain.

The VHL is national and Caribbean-wide. CFNI's role in the VHL is the centralization of nutrition resources.

Information resources available from CFNI are also accessible through the VHL. In Jamaica the VHL was launched in 2002.

The VHL may be accessed at:


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