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Caribbean Nutrition Day, Sunday June 1, 2008. Theme: Healthy Eating, Active Living - Be Aware of Trans Fats

Message from Dr. Fitzroy Henry

I am Dr. Fitzroy Henry, Director of the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute and we at CFNI are again pleased to celebrate with you our fourth Caribbean Nutrition Day.

This year, Caribbean Nutrition Day comes at a time when our region (and indeed the world) is experiencing unprecedented rises in food prices. As we implement solutions for this major food security challenge we must also strive to ensure the integrity and quality of our food supply. One such major threat to our food supply is Trans Fats.


Caribbean Nutrition Day 2008 Celebration

Caribbean Nutrition Day has been observed since 2005. This year's theme promotes a holistic approach to good health by eating healthier and practicing a more active lifestyle, focusing on the relationship between dietary fats and health and explaining the concept of Trans Fats and their effects on the human body.

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CFNI: 40 Years of Service: 1967 - 2007

Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI), celebrates the achievement of forty years of service to the Caribbean Region, in health and nutrition. The Goal of CFNI is to attain household food security and achieve optimal nutritional status for all the people of the Caribbean. The Mission of CFNI is to cooperate technically with member countries to strengthen their ability to analyze, manage and prevent the key nutritional problems and to enhance the quality of life of the people through the promotion of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle behaviors.

What We Do

Discover the various activities and strategies which the Institute employs in planning, human resource development, surveillance/research and promotion and information disseminations.


Among the Institute's key publications are a quarterly journal, CAJANUS and a fortnightly newsletter Nyam News, which are distributed widely in all member countries. CFNI also publishes and maintains a current catalogue of books, booklets and audiovisual materials in the areas of nutrition education, dietary management, nutrient guides and food tables.

See links to CAJANUS and Nyam News, and Other Resources.

Nutrition Information Service

Some of the most frequently asked questions pertain to the provision of food and nutrition information service, sale and distribution information on CFNI publications and technical questions pertaining to nutrition and diet. Answers to these and other questions, may be obtained from the Derrick B. Jelliffe Library.

About Us

Here you will find information on CFNI's history, goal and mission and how to contact us.

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