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Guyana Day, 4 October 2004, Washington, D.C.

    PAHO/WHO has developed, through a very participatory approach, a Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS) for Guyana that will guide the work of the Organization in, and with, Guyana for the period 2004-2007. We will share relevant information with our staff and representatives of development partners based in Washington on 4 October.  Minister of Health of Guyana, the Honourable Leslie Ramsammy, as well as the PAHO/WHO Representative in Guyana, Dr. Bernadette Theodore-Gandi, participated in this meeting.

    Guyana Task Force (GTF): The inaugural meeting of an internal PAHO/WHO group that will support and facilitate the CCS implementation, in which the PAHO/WHO Representative in Guyana will participate, had its inaugural meeting during the afternoon session of "Guyana Day". We anticipate that this internal group will relate to a wider support group for Guyana, that includes representatives of development partners; ideas for this wider group will be discussed during the morning session.

Guyana Day, 19 May 2005, Geneva, Switzerland

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