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Leading Pan American Health
Quadrennial Report of the Director, 1994-1997

Quadrennial Report - Cover

.A Statement of Mission
The Pan American Sanitary Bureau is the Secretariat of the Pan American Health Organization, an international agency specializing in health. Its mission is to cooperate technically with the Member Countries and to stimulate cooperation among them in order that, while maintaining a healthy environment and charting a course to sustainable human development, the peoples of the Americas may achieve health for all and by all.

.The Aim of this Report
This report is a presentation of accounts. Every four years, PAHO’s Member Governments meet at the Pan American Sanitary Conference to set hemispheric policy. Policy adopted by the Conference in 1994, in the form of Strategic and Programmatic Orientations, committed the Pan American Sanitary Bureau to concrete lines of action in health and human development, health systems and services development, health promotion and protection, environmental protection and development, and disease prevention and control. What we have accomplished in those areas is the story told in the pages that follow.


Leading Pan American Health  (533Kb)

Partnering for Health in the Americas  (1.9Mb)

Enhancing Health and Human Development  (1.8Mb)

Preventing and Controlling Diseases  (4.2Mb)

Supporting the Development of Health Systems and Services  (3.3Mb)

Promoting and Protecting People's Health  (1.4Mb)

Protecting and Developing the Environment  (3.1Mb)

Administering Resources to Work for the Countries  (2.4Mb)

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