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 PAHO TODAY          The Newsletter of the Pan American Health Organization   -    November 2005

2005 Awards Presented for Health Achievements

Three Latin American health specialists were honored by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) for contributions to international public health.

The awards, which are given annually, were made during the meeting of PAHO's 46th Directing Council in late September.

 Dr. Ricardo Uauy
Ricardo Uauy, a Chilean physician, won the Abraham Horwitz Award. © Armando Waak/PAHO

Ricardo Uauy, a Chilean physician, won the Abraham Horwitz Award for Leadership in Inter-American Health. Uauy is known for more than three decades of work in the area of international nutrition, particularly infant and child nutrition. In presenting the award, Antonia Novello, former U.S. surgeon general and now commissioner of health for the State of New York, called Uauy "one of the most eminent and distinguished scientists in international nutrition in the world." The Horwitz award, which carries a cash prize, is intended to recognize and encourage excellence and leadership in health in the Americas for people who produce ideas and work "of regional significance." Last year's winner was Eduardo Salazar-Lindo of Peru.

 Patricia Sorokin
Patricia Sorokin, of Argentina, won the Manuel Velasco-Suárez Bioethics Award. © Armando Waak/PAHO

Patricia Sorokin, of Argentina, received the Manuel Velasco-Suárez Bioethics Award for 2005. The award recognizes the potential of Sorokin's research proposal, "Treatment of Personal Data on Genome Research: Bioethical, Legal, and Social Aspects," to advance the field of bioethics in Latin America. Jess Gersky, executive director of the Pan American Health and Education Foundation, called Sorokin "a young scholar leading bioethics efforts in Latin America." The award was named after Mexican physician, scholar and researcher Manuel Velasco-Suárez, founder of Mexico's National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery and of the Mexican National Bioethics Commission. Last year's winner was María Graciela de Ortúzar, also of Argentina. Sorokin is the fourth winner since the award was created in 2002.

 Dr. Francisco Rojas Ochoa
Francisco Rojas Ochoa, of Cuba, received the PAHO Award for Administration. © Armando Waak/PAHO

Francisco Rojas Ochoa, a Cuban physician, received the PAHO Award for Administration. The award recognizes his contributions to the development of Cuba's Health Programs and Services Administration and his work in other countries, particularly "his outstanding contribution to the training of various generations of public health leaders and professionals." The PAHO Award for Administration was created in 1969. Last year's winner was Brazilian physician and researcher Gastăo de Souza Campos.

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