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 Voices of the Centennial
Reflections on
PAHO Past and Present (part 1)

Dr. Paul Ehrlich, Deputy Director 1979-1984
"To think that 100 years ago, some of the countries recognized that health was not just a national problem but an international problem, that disease does not respect national bordersm that disease crosses borders without a visa, that it was important for countries to collaborate in order to control certain conditions, and that this was recognized 100 years ago by the countries of the Americas is in my mind an amazing fact."
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Dr. Jorge Litvak, former regional adviser on prevention of cancer
"This is an inter-American organism, the oldest, which was created through the vision of those responsible for health programs in the government of our region. It is the oldest, and as it reaches 100, I would say that its prestige continues to increase every day."
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 Drs. Gerald, Ehrlich, Williams, and Litvak

Dr. Alfred Gerald, Medical Officer 1965-1979
"Venezuela was one of the countries where I had responsibility, but so was Grenada, Jamaica, the French territories, and other countries. I think what impressed me most is our ability to bring all these people together. I remember bringing them to Caracas, and we would discuss the common problems of the area. They would leave helping each other. I was glad that PAHO would be the means of bringing people together to discuss their health, their problems in health, and how they can be overcome."
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Dr. Charles L. Williams, Deputy Director 1967-1979
"The centennial is a very important historical moment, a significant birthday of this Organization, which has served the Americas well for 100 years. The people that work for PAHO are a perfectly tremendous and magnificent resource. We always had a terrific group of people working here. What is going to make PAHO move in the future has got to be the people, the staff that works here, the leadership that the Organization has."
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