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Washington, D.C., 29 September 2006

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Working Documents

  • CE139/1
    —  Agenda

  • CE139/2
    —  List of Participants

  • CE139/3
    —  Streamlining the Governance Mechanisms of PAHO: Relationship of Intergovernmental Bodies with the PAHO Governing Bodies

  • CE139/4
    —  Mechanisms for Conducting the Forum of Candidates for the Post of Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau

  • CE139/5
    —  Draft Health Agenda for the Americas

  • CE139/6
    —  Division of Labor among UN Agencies Regarding the Recommendations of the Global Task Team for Improving HIV/AIDS Coordination in Response to Resolution WHA59.12

  • CE139/7
    —  Revision of the Principles Governing Relations between the Pan American Health Organization and Nongovernmental Organizations

  • CE139/8
    —  PAHO Buildings and Facilities

Final Report

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