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The Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) is an independent public philanthropic organization working to combat disease, lengthen life, improve health care services, foster health research, and enhance the capacities of health care workers primarily in the Americas through grant-making and direct program implementation.

It is a United States not-for-profit organization that enjoys a unique relationship with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) an international public health agency that also acts as the regional office of the World Health Organization (WHO). The Foundation has valuable experience in administering health-related grants and in cross-border grant making.

In addition to its experience in grant making, PAHEF presents five international awards that recognize excellence in inter-American health, community service, health literature, veterinary public health, and bioethics. The Expanded Textbook and Instructional Materials Program (PALTEX), a joint program of the Foundation and the PAHO, provides affordable medical and health science books and basic diagnostic instruments to students and health workers throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. PAHEF also publishes the drug bulletin Medicamentos y Terapéutics for health providers, pharmacists, and students in medicine, nursing, and pharmacy in Latin America.

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