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Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance

Dealing with Disasters

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Disaster Chronicles: Earthquakes in El Salvador 2001
This chronicle describes actions and analyzes the efficiency of the disaster preparedness programs, their impact and the health sector response in the assistance and recovery stages. It includes a list of lessons learned geared toward health sector workers and managers, that will help draw conclusions of interest for the management of future emergency and disaster situations. In Spanish only. (more)

UN Issues New Study on Disasters
Living With Risk is a 400 page study of the lessons learned by experts and communities in response to hazards presented by natural forces, technological accidents and environmental degradation. The challenge is daunting: worldwide in the last decade, 4,777 natural disasters have taken more than 880,000 lives, affected the homes, health and livelihoods of 1.88 billion people and inflicted economic losses of around $685 billion on the world's economies. (more)

Latest Issue of Disaster Newsletter
Read the latest online version of the newsletter Disasters: Preparedness and Mitigation in the Americas. This issue features an editorial on Logistical Support Systems, a new growth industry. Several new PAHO disaster publications are also featured which will soon be available on this web site in full text. (Newsletter)

CAPRADEAndean Region Creates Committee for Disaster Prevention and Care (CAPRADE)
The Andean Council of Foreign Ministers approved the creation of the Andean Committee for Disaster Prevention and Care (CAPRADE). CAPRADE aims to help to reduce the risk and the impact of any disaster that could occur in the Andean Region by coordinating and promoting policies, strategies, plans and activities in the areas of disaster prevention, mitigation, preparation and care. (more)

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