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   The Pan American Tobacco Information Online System (PATIOS) is a web based information system containing country-specific data on a wide variety of tobacco control topics. PATIOS provides a standardized and reliable tracking and assessment of the tobacco-related situation within and across countries, and disseminates this information to policy and decision-makers, staff of tobacco control programs, tobacco control advocates, researchers and media. With the information it generates, Member States can evaluate their situations in the light of other countries experience and use it to strengthen their own policies and interventions to effectively decrease the morbidity and mortality associated with tobacco use.

     The database covers 32 indicators on tobacco use and control policies in all PAHO American Member States. The database covers three main areas: health impact (inlcuding prevalence of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke), policy and legislation, and economics. Please note that information provided on sub-national legislation is not exhaustive. If you wish to consult similar tobacco control databases from other regions of the world, please click on Global Tobacco Databases.

     PATIOS is a collaborative effort of the Member States of the Region of the Americas under the auspices of the Pan American Health Organization and the Tobacco Free Initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO-TFI). It is partially funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S.A. (CDC).

The data included in PATIOS comes from many sources, e.g.:
- Country survey
- Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS)
- WHO Global InfoBase Database
- Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
- UN Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade)
- United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
- WHO Global Burden of Disease Estimates
Each PATIOS table lists the relevant data sources.

NOTE TO USERS ON UPDATES: PATIOS provides accurate, up-to-date tobacco-related information on selected topics. However, we need your participation to ensure that PATIOS maintains high-quality data standards. If you know any of the data presented through PATIOS are inaccurate or outdated, please click on Send Us Updates to provide correct updated information for the site.


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