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  • CE122/1  (4K)
    -  Agenda

  • CE122/2  (14K)
    -  List of Participants

  • CE122/3  (2K)
    -  Representation of the Executive Committee at the 25th Pan American Sanitary Conference, 50th Session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Americas

  • CE122/4  (29K)
    -  Provisional Agenda of the 25th Pan American Sanitary Conference, 50th Session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Americas

  • CE122/5  (171K)
    -  Report of the Subcommittee on Planning and Programming

  • CE122/6  (12K)CE122/6, Add. 1  (4K)
    -  Report of the Award Committee of the PAHO Award for Administration, 1998

  • CE122/7  (15K)
    -  Provisional Draft of the Program Budget of the World Health Organization for the Region of the Americas for 2000-2001

  • CE122/8  (108K)
    -  Strategic and Programmatic Orientations for the Pan American Sanitary Bureau, 1999-2002

  • CE122/9  (54K)
    -  Technical Cooperation Among Countries: Panamericanism in the Twenty-first Century

  • CE122/10  (701K)
    -  El Niño and its Impact on Health

  • CE122/11  (50K)
    -  Population and Reproductive Health

  • CE122/12  (59K)
    -  Prevention and Control of Tobacco Use

  • CE122/13  (55K)
    -  Health of Older Persons

  • CE122/14  (42K)
    -  Hantavirus

  • CE122/15  (55K)
    -  Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in the Americas

  • CE122/16  (45K)
    -  Vaccines and Immunization

  • CE122/17  (72K)
    -  PAHO Publications Program

  • CE122/18  (32K)CE122/18, Add. 1  (15K)
    -  Report on the Collection of Quota Contributions

  • CE122/19  (8K)
    -  PAHO Building Fund and Maintenance and Repair of PAHO-owned Buildings

  • CE122/20  (2K)
    -  PAHO Field Office Buildings

  • CE122/21  (19K)
    -  Amendments to the Staff Rules of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau

  • CE122/22  (25K)
    -  Statement by the Representative of the PAHO/WHO Staff Association

  • CE122/23  (32K)
    -  Resolutions and Other Actions of the Fifty-first World Health Assembly of Interest to the PAHO Executive Committee

  • CE122/FR  (161K)
    -  Final Report

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